Andrew's WebSite

I make stuff and I put it on this website so I don't forget.

Others Will Follow

Short Film 2017 Completed

I made this movie about a guy who gets stuck on mars. It was hard to make, but people on r/Space seem to like it.

Filmbox & Scatter

Software Product 2021 Completed

Me and my friend Greg made "state of the art" motion picture film emulation and optical diffusion emulation tools for DaVinci Resolve.


hobby? 2009 -

Sometimes I shoot commercials and narrative shorts.


Feature Film 2019 - development

I wanted to make a movie set on the moon in the retro-future. Instead I mostly just made a bunch of concept art and got depressed. But some day...


Multispectral cinema camera 2020 Working v2 prototype

Dual-sensor cinema camera for capturing RGB and 1000nm infrared image data simultaneously with a single lens and a color pipeline for fusing "RGBI" data into a full color image with a very unique photometric response. (especially useful for movies set on the moon)


company 2023 top secret


Visual Effects

career? 2010 - 2022 Retired

I used to do VFX supervising, compositing, and CGI for music videos, commercials, and narrative shorts. I put John Cena on the Titanic and cut Doja Cat in half and then said to myself "My work here is done".

Color Grading

career? 2010 - 2023 Retired

I used to color grade commercials, comedy specials, docs, and narrative things.


hardware Product 2021 - concept

I want to make this hyper-simple all-manual square-format digital-camera with Filmbox-integration and Infrared-capabilities, and maybe also improve on digital photo frames. But apparently it's not easy to bring complex consumer electronics to market.

Untitled cabin film

short film 2019 incomplete

Part camera test, part spy thriller? It's almost done it just needs a CG moose.


Hobby 1996 - 2008 retired

I took a lot of piano lessons. This 16 year old recording is all I have to show.

Don't contact me, I'm not nice